When you call MindTouch for support, you might find yourself speaking with Braeden Austgen, one of our Technical Support Agents. Braeden started his career with MindTouch as a part of the Import team and soon realized he wanted to join the front lines. On a daily basis, he helps customers navigate their MindTouch sites and shows exceptional care while attending to customers’ concerns.

When it comes to customer service, Braeden is a pro at making sure every customer finds success. Check out our brief video interview to learn more about some of Braeden’s customer service best practices.

It’s All About Teamwork

From email to phone support, Braeden meets customers where they are to deliver answers quickly and ensure every customer comes out of the experience with their problem resolved. That doesn’t always mean he knows the answer.?“The most meaningful interaction I’ve had with a customer was when I went on a phone call to help him and I didn’t know the answer to his question,” says Braeden. “And this was when I was still relatively new. I had to ask one of my teammates to help me. The customer explained to me that he was happy I had done that, as opposed to just trying to figure it out myself.”

As a support agent, Braeden often relies on his teammates and others in the company to help him.?“I believe that it’s impossible for customer service to be limited to one department. It’s a relationship that involves everybody who talks to customers—not just one specific section, group, or person.”

Professionalism Matters

The role of a support agent can be demanding. Fielding calls and finding answers quickly can lead to burnout if the agent doesn’t maintain a positive mindset. For Braeden, every support agent should be three things: friendly, quick on their feet, and professional.?“First and foremost, be friendly. The customer needs to know that you’re on their side, that you’re with them trying to help them. Second, you have to be quick on your feet—you have to be able to think of a response or a solution quickly to be able to help them. Lastly, be professional and be respectful to the customer and what they’re trying to do. Understand their side of the situation, not just what you might think off the top of your head is the best solution.”

Answers Should Be Easy-to-Find

At MindTouch, we empower every customer provide their user base with an exceptional customer experience. Whether that is through self-service support or agent assistance, customers and agents are in good hands with the ability to find the answers they need within?a well-maintained knowledge management system. “The MindTouch product helps others to provide a positive customer service experience because it not only helps support agents like me to find and be able to provide the information that customers need,” says Braeden. “It helps customers find it themselves.”

With the power of the MindTouch product at his fingertips, Braeden has found success in his career. In just under a year, he has been provided with the opportunity to grow within the company and turn coworkers into friends who support him. “MindTouch has helped me succeed in the customer service industry by giving me a chance to grow and develop my abilities. So I’ve had supportive team members or people from other teams who have guided me and shown me how I can improve and how I can get better in a constructive way. And that has helped me personally to feel like I’m more successful now than when I started.”

Here at MindTouch, customer service extends far beyond our customer-facing team. People like Braeden, with their commitment to some of the customer service best practices touched on above, are an invaluable part of what makes our culture so unique. Our goal is to ensure every customer has a positive experience at every touchpoint along the customer journey.